Customs Clearance

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A. Customs clearance of foreign goods

As a state first-class port, Zhongshan Port International Container Terminals (Zhongshan Port) has a volume of cargo throughput of more than 2 million standard containers, which is also listed as China’s Top 10. It is very fast convenient to import or export goods at Zhongshan Port.

Enterprises with import management rights in the customs can go to the Customs and do registration formalities and then obtain registration code (also known as the business unit code). You can register by yourself or delegate approval of the Customs declaration enterprises for goods entering the customs formalities. Business without the right to operate import (in) the imported goods, goods may apply to the customs temporary registration code (also known as the business units of code). After obtaining registration code then you may grant approval documents and entrusted customs declaration to registered entry and handle customs formalities of goods or items. 


B. Customs clearance of foreigners

Foreigners in Hong Kong can come to Zhongshan by ferry from Hong Kong through Zhongshan Port. There will be a green passage specially for foreigners.

Also, we provide the following conveniences for our special guests: Group tourists that attend the investment symposium of SSIP will enjoy special passage, special room and special inspection. Important guests can enjoy an immediate accessible customs clearance.