Bonded Logistics

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A bonded logistics center is a bonded place which was established under the supervision of the customs, operated by a logistics enterprise, and which provides multi-functional, and integrated comprehensive services that covers the home country and other countries. 

Logistics centers are divided into A Type and B Type. 

A bonded logistics centers of A Type is referring to a customs-supervised place which is approved by customs, operated by an enterprise legal persons in China, and which is specialized in bonded warehousing/logistics business. Bonded Logistics Center of Pioneer Corporation in Shanghai is such an example. A logistics center of B Type is referring to a place approved by customs, operated by one enterprise legal person, and with multiple enterprises engaging in bonded warehousing/logistics business, and which is under centralized supervision of customs. Comparatively speaking, the level of Type B is higher, to which the customs shall apply regional and networking closed management according to the supervision model of export processing areas, and a 24-hour working system. 

Bonded logistics centers have functions like bonded warehousing, simple processing and value-added services, international logistics and distribution, import and export, international transfer and transit trade, processing of logistics information and port functions, etc. The customs clearance of can be done by enterprises directly with the local customs of where the bonded logistics center is located; domestic goods entering are deemed as exported goods, and the export tax rebate shall be enjoyed at the products' entrance to the bonded logistic center; for foreign goods entering the bonded logistics center, the customs shall provide bonded services; when the goods in the bonded logistics center are sold domestically, the enterprises can cover the import customs declaration procedures according to real mode of trade; goods in the bonded logistics center are subject to free transfer and cross-customs-district declaration and delivery of goods between different enterprises in the bonded logistics center, bonded logistics center and other customs-supervised areas and places like the free trade zone, export processing area, bonded warehouses, export supervised warehouses and other bonded logistics centers. 

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