Application for Entering SSIP

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1.Application for Entering SSIP


2.Requirements for Entering SSIP

First: Basic requirements for entrance

1. Projects should be in line with the industry policy orientation of the government and comply with the standards of the industry positioning of the Sino-Swiss(European) Industry Park.

2. Projects should meet the requirements of protecting environment, and projects featuring “high risk, high pollution, high consumption but low output” will be forbidden in the park.

3. Overseas capital should account for at least 1/4 of the project’s registered capital which should have either or both the following requirements:

    - The investor is an enterprise registered in developed countries like America and Europe.

    - The investor is a natural person who owns the nationality of developed countries, such as America and Europe.

4.The project should be concluded in the following categories:

    - Industrial class: strategic emerging industries about high-end precision equipment manufacturing, health care medicine, advanced optoelectronic products manufacturing, new energy and new material and so on.

   - Service class: modern service industries about modern logistics, science and technology service, health service, financial service, commerce and business, creation and innovation, and cultural education and so on. 

Second: Materials review requirements

1. Access approval form for leasing projects in the park.

2. Feasibility study report or business plan of projects.

3. Business license, letter of patent and qualification certificate owned by the investment subject.

Remarks: Application materials should be submitted to Sino-Swiss(European) Industrial Park Investment Promotion Office at Tsuihang New District. Application is free of charge. And results will be given within 10 working days about whether the project could start the approval process. The approval process and timeframe are regulated by government.