Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park Special Policy

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1. For projects that lease properties within starting area of Tsuihang New District, two-year rentals shall be exempted once that leasing contract takes effect, but two-year rentals for any individual project shall not exceed RMB 2 million.

2. From May 2016, a start-up subsidy that recovers the expenses for preliminary steps of operation will be provided for the first 10 foreign companies registered in SSIP, budget for each company is no more than RMB 1 million, property right upon completion of renovation(including office supplies and equipments) will be held by Tsuihang New District.

3. Foreign executives and foreign technical experts will be offered RMB 2000 of housing and transportation subsidies  per month or can enjoy free international apartment accommodation. Every enterprise has three such quotas within a time limit of three years. 

4. Qualified foreign talents introduced by investment projects that meet the conditions prescribed in the relevant special documents on urgently needed and suitable talents of Zhongshan may apply for government allowances, housing subsidies, innovative research team introduction funds, EMBA training and other assistance and supports. The application procedures should be made according to relevant rules of Zhongshan, and qualified talents will enjoy allowances and research funding is 1.2 times of the municipal government. 

Note: Retrieved from Interim Measures of SSIP Investment Management and Measures of lease Projects Management in SSIP.