Macau Zhongshan Junior Chamber of Commerce Visited Tsuihang New District

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Mr. Hou Yibin was introducing the development plan of Tsuihang New District.

In the afternoon of September 1st, Mr. Liang Jianyin, President of the Macau Zhongshan Junior Chamber of Commerce (MZJCC), and related members visited Tsuihang New District. A symposium for discussing cooperation between the Chamber and Tsuihang government was held. Mr.Hou Yibin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhongshan Municipal Committee and Secretary of CPC Torch Development Zone Committee and CPC Tsuihang New District Committee, Mr. Xu Xing, the Director of Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park Investment Promotion Office and representatives from Tsuihang New District attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Xu Xing introduced Tsuihang New District and SSIP as well as how Tsuihang New District government is going to construct the Guangdong-Macau Cooperation Demonstration Zone. Hou Yibin said, Tsuihang New District government encourages and supports young Macau entrepreneurs to start up their businesses here. Also, we welcome the social capital from Macau to invest Tsuihang New District and we’d like to further cooperate with Macau-Zhongshan International Junior Chamber. 

Liang Jianyin agreed that he saw a bright outlook of Tsuihang New District and came up that since the ancestral home of 30% of the Macau population is Zhongshan, which has built a strong and intimate connection between Macau and Zhongshan. Strengthening the financial and technological cooperation between Macau and Zhongshan can bring more diverse development to Macau. The economic development of Macau will thus be more stable and dynamic. 

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Mr. Liang Jianyin was speaking.