A New Platform for Medical Device inSSIP

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Recently, the 8th Sino-German Economic andTechnical Cooperation Forum was held in Beijing. During the forum,National Development and Reform Commission and German Economic and EnergyDepartment signed a meeting minute on the biotechnology and medical economiccooperation between China and Germany, in which a Sino-German BiomedicineIndustry Park, covering 2 km2 land should be constructed inZhongshan. Zhongshan and Germany will start a collaboration on areas likebio-genetic technique, bio-pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic reagent,botanical drug, cell therapy, protective food and so on.

Zhongshan Tsuihang New District will be theextended area of Sino-German Biomedicine Industry Park, promoting thecooperation between China and Germany in biotechnology and medicine. Theextended area covers the area of 0.5 km2, and 0.35 km2 isplanned for the construction of medical device factories while the rest is forresidence.