Notice of The Entrepreneurial Innovation Service Training in 2016

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In order to help enterprises in Tsuihang New District better understand the policy and the thinking way of entrepreneurial innovation, and improve their innovation ability, LinHai Company specially invites experienced mentors and holds 2016 Entrepreneurial Innovation Service Training. Here is the detailed information:

A. Trainning Time: August 23rd to August 31st

B. Location: Tsuihang New District Planning Exhibition Center, Room 208

C. Theme:

a) Policies and tips to help business starting-up

b) How I start up my business on Internet

c) Start-up business mode innovation

d) The application of preferential policy

e) How to think like an entrepreneur

f) Innovation-type talents driving pattern

g) Advertising the project and road show

D. Attendance: staff responsible for technology and economy work from enterprises.

Participants should sign up through writing e-mail to by 12 a.m., August 22nd.

Zhongshan Torch District Linhai Development Ltd.

August 17th, 2016