Commencement of the 5th CIEC

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The 5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong·Zhongshan Sub-competition Area) ——Zhongshan Science and Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition initiated by Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology kicked off on May 30th, which marks the first event of such kind held in Zhongshan Sub-competition area. Bigger subsidies will be granted to the nominees, award winners and champions. And different level of subsidies will be granted to enterprises and teams according to the level of competition they enter and the awards they win. The highest grant can go up to RMB 2 million. In addition to financial support, the participating enterprises can also enjoy financial services such as financing and technology loans, etc.

The participants will be divided into 6 groups in the competition, including new materials, bio-medicine, electronic information, new energy and energy conservation, advanced manufacturing,  Internet & mobile Internet, and the event lasts for six months.

Requirement  for Enterprises  Participants:

  • Technology-based medium, small and micro-sized enterprises with less than 150 million yuan sales volume in 2015.  

  • Enterprises that own proprietary intellectual property rights, without property rights dispute.

  • Unlisted enterprises with no adverse records. 

Requirement for Innovation Teams:

  • Domestic and overseas teams with scientific and technological innovation and creation whose enterprises have not been registered or incorporated at the time 

  • Core team members shall be no less than three 

  • Products, technology and related patents belong to the participating teams, with no property right disputes with any other entity or individual.

Registration for the competition: