What We Want


SSIP now mainly devoted to the development of “4+1” Industry. As seen as the following :


A. Healthcare and Medicine Industry Sectors

a. The Research and Production of High-performance Medical Equipment.

b. The Research and Development of Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

c. The Equipment and Products of Genetic Testing in Research and Production


B. Precision Manufacturing Industry Sectors

a. The research and production of intelligent devices and products such as robots.

b. The research and production of environmentally friendly integrated circuit products.

c. The production of high-precision machinery equipment and products.


C.  Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Sectors

a. The manufacturing of new energy vehicles and spare parts.

b. The research, development and application of energy-saving, environmental friendly, high performance and multi-functional new materials.


D. Finance and Education Sector

a. Commercial banks, fund management, financial leasing, etc.

b. The schooling and training of brand educational organizations.


E. Other productive Service Industry Sectors

a. The incubation of European SME technology and professional design services.

b. Productive natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical research and professional design services.


Another industry sectors are also welcome to Tsuihang New Economic District.