Competitive Advantages


Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park has a large amout of well-developed industrial clusters, a large size of the market, and equips with geographical advantages. I would also provides complete government supports and regulation supports.


1. Industry Clusters and Markets


SSIP is near to several core bases and they are National Health Base, Zhongshan (Linhai) Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Base under National Torch Program, Zhongshan Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Base and China (Zhongshan) Electronics Base, which forms a number of industry clusters such as healthcare and medicine, precision manufacturing and electronic and information technology.

National Health Base was founded in 1994. It now has settled 204 enterprises and has formed an joint development industrial cluster pattern with leading industries, which are bio-medicine, medical equipment, and medical information, as main elements and companies, in fields of health food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging materials, and pharmaceutical logistics, secondary.

Zhongshan (Linhai) Equipment Manufacturing Base was officially established in December, 2004. It has gradually developed into six industrial clusters, which are shipbuilding and marine engineering, new energy, manufacturing of wind power and energy-saving equipment, specialized intelligent heavy machinery and equipment production, and high-end electronics. It now has 75 corporate enterprises. In 2015, the overall production of the base reached RMB17.42 billion.




China (Zhongshan) Electronics Base was established at the end of December in 2001. It focuses on high-tech industries in sectors of electronic and information technology, optoelectronic technology as well as high-end equipment manufacturing. By now it is the best known electronics and information technology industrial agglomeration site with new materials and green energy technology. 96% of high-end electronic products can be purchased within the base. The park is equipped with precision manufacturing project incubators and accelerators dedicated to European projects.

In 2015, the GDP per capita of Zhongshan had more than USD$14,000. As the most developed area in Asia in terms of production, consumption and product quality, Zhongshan and its surrounding areas now has a strong reliance and huge demand on high-end products and technologies from European countries such as Switzerland and Germany. That Zhongshan has been among the leading Chinese cities in terms of per capital consumption of Swiss-made watches, and that Zhongshan People’s Hospital alone purchased RMB 35 million worth of Roche pharmaceutics and Roche Diagnostic products are two great examples to represent its production and consumption levels. Also, closing to Hong Kong, Macau and other Southeast Asian market, to settle your businesses in SSIP could benefit you to promote your products and to expand your markets. 

2. Convenient Transporation Accesses 

Zhongshan City is 49 sea miles distant from Hong Kong, 65 kilometers from Macau, 86 kilometers from Guangzhou. The construction of a 24-kilometers- long Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage will be completed in 2023. At that time, it will take only half an hour for people to come or back to Shenzhen from SSIP. In addition to three well-established traffic routes, which are the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit, the Beijing-Zhuhai Highway and the Taiyuan-Macau Highway, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge are both under construction. And these access form an important land transportation network and people in Zhongshan can drive to Macau in an hour, and arrive in Hong Kong by ferry within one hour as well.


As a state first-class port, Zhongshan Port International Container Terminals (Zhongshan Port) has a volume of cargo throughput of more than 2 million standard containers, which is also listed as China’s Top 10. It will be moved to the Tsuihang New Economic District, and will have numerous shipping lines to Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macau, downtown Hong Kong and to their local international airports, applying with fast flight services. The implementation of Guangdong-Macau Yacht Walking Tour has largely attracted many yacht clubs from Hong Kong and Macau to join in. And helistops are also established for parking services.


3. Government Services

Tsuihang New Economic District Talent Service Center specially offers services for our enterprises of application and registration services, investment services, intellectual property right protection consultation services and law and legal regulation consultation services.


SSIP has held many regular communication activities for the enterprises. It has also report the latest development of the industrial park and new preferential policies to the enterprises. Visiting enterprises, learning their needs and helping with problem solving are also its responsibilities. Also, SSIP will also hold all kinds of cultural and sports activities from time to time to enrich employees’ lives.

SSIP will also assist some relevant government departments to help the enterprises to complete business application and registration and relevant examination and approval procedures.