To meet people's living demand, SSIP has diverse services facilities. 

1.International Hotel Apartment

SSIP creates comfortable living conditions for international talents. So far SSIP has 20 sets of International Hotel Apartment, providing hotel services. Foreign executives and tech experts can live in for free.


2.Express Bus Line

Express Bus No. 098 links SSIP to Zhongshan city center, expressway intersection, airport and intercity rail exchange site, which makes the travel easier. 

The bus has 10 stops: Zhongshan Customs, Xincun Market, Hejing Garden, the south gate of the Exhibition Hall (the Ocean City), Sanxi Road East, Public Health Bureau, Zhongshan Polytechnic, Poly Verde, Agile Hotel (not for stop temporarily owing to the road condition), Tsuihang New District (Planning Exhibition Hall).


3.Entertainments and Restaurants

In SSIP, there are facilities like markets, children's playground and leisure center which includes a fitness room, a billiard room, karaoke and a bar.



On the riverside near the core section, there lies a restaurant called Coastal Manor Restaurant. It is well-decorated and serves with delicious food. You can enjoy both seafood and freshwater fish at the same time.


4.Healthcare and Medicine

There is a clinic in SSIP and residents can get thoughtful medical service here.

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