SSIP Innovation Center

1.SSIP Innovation Center (SSIPIC)

SSIPIC is located in the core section of SSIP Precision Manufacturing Zone in Zhongshan Tsuihang New District, including office and production facilities such as the exhibition hall of SSIP, the Sino-Swiss (European) Technology Center, the IC Center for the Healthcare Applications, IC Bright Technologies Ltd., Green park Sino-European Joint High-tech Incubator, the Tsuihang New District's Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge Administrative Center, and the living support areas as International serviced apartments, international talents apartment and bars. SSIPIC's office and production area of the main building now has a building area of 25000 ㎡, and providing office areas, investment and financing, training, registration, intellectual property, legal consulting and other necessary conditions for the incubating and developing periods of the innovation type SMEs from Switzerland, Europe and USA. Now the IC-LED project, a innovation team form Silicon Valley and with European talents, and some other projects are established in the SSIP.


2.Sino-Swiss (European) Technology Center (SSETC) 

It is a platform for Swiss (European&American) technologies and products showcase and advanced technological SMEs incubation, communication and cooperation. The office space is provided by SSIP with operation involved in the Chinese and Swiss enterprises and research institutes. First stage of SSETC is about 2000㎡, including an exhibition hall for SSIP's European and American technologies and products, incubator for European, American as well as Chinese start-ups, and office space. Research and production for SSETC are mainly supported by IC Bright Technologies Ltd., they could also provide services in the areas of electrical, lighting, and thermal or Integrated circuit package test for enterprises, individuals and those related business partners in SSIP. Other services are also provided by the Administrative and Personnel Service Center within the Tsuihang New District's Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Greenpark Sino-European Joint High-tech Incubator, Huajin Intellectual Property and Legal Service Corporation, Fuhui Venture Capital Fund etc. Investment promotion and talents exchange will be mainly managed by the Zhongshan Sino-Swiss Industrial Park Investment Promotion Office and Swissnex.

3.International IC Center for Healthcare Applications (ICCHA)

International IC Center for Healthcare Applications (ICCHA), supported by Zhongshan Tsuihang New District Administrative Committee and Network Information Committee of China Information Industry Association, was co-founded by ICBright Technologies, Ltd. and National Healthcare Technology Park as well experts from Peking University, Guangdong University of Technologies, Southern Medical University and European Institutes, to build a platform of reseach and development. The initial co-operative study is about healthy and smart lighting system, and expect to evolve into a full-fledged world class technological center and research institution, including IC design, packaging and testing, product applications, professional training and international exchanges.