Land-use Planning


There are 4 zones in SSIP: Precision Manufacturing Zone, Healthcare and Medicine Zone, Finance and Education zone and Ecological Demonstration Zone, occupying 7k㎡ area.




1.Precision Manufacturing Zone

The SSIP Precision Manufacturing Demonstration Area ccupies 40 mu land area, with the plan to construct 3 European style buildings that have 65,000 building area. The first stage 9500 plant has been finished and delivered to SSM company. The second stage standard plant with business offices will start to be built in this year.

2.Healthcare and Medicine Zone

In the SSIP Healthcare and Medicine Demonstration Area, the construction of the Ma’an GMP plant that occupies 98 mu land area will be started in 2016. The medical equipments industrial park that occupies land of 246 mu, has been introduced 7 projects.

3.Finance and Education zone

Finance and Education zone covers an area of 0.7k㎡, mainly focus on finance and education industries.

4.Ecological Demonstration Zone

Ecological Demonstration Zone covers an area of 1.9k㎡ and mainly focus on green technology, new energy and new material industries. So far it has introduced ZTE Smart City project