About Us

Zhongshan, called Xiang Shan (which means fragrant hills) in ancient times, is the hometown of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, a great revolutionist in modern China. Located in the south-central Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan covers an area of 1783.67 square kilometers with a resident population of 3,142,300 and over 800,000 overseas Chinese.
       In 2011, Zhongshan government commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, and put forward a plan to establish the Tsuihang New Economic District in Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s hometown. In March, 2013, the new district was officially established.
       In July, 2013, Zhongshan Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park (SSIP) was set up. The core section of the industrial park locates in the starting area of Tsuihang New District, with a planning area of about 7 square kilometers. SSIP will be an innovation driven, technology oriented, cultural integrated and ecological demonstrated platform, and aims at cooperation with Swizerland and other European countries in business and park construction
       By July, 2106, SSIP has already introduced 18 projects, including SSM Textile Machinery, Globalglobal Certification Limited (Britain), PoolPak (US), and Angxin Technology. There are 8 European and American projects under discussion, covering fields including fields of healthcare technology, new energy, advanced equipment manufacturing, high-end electronic and information technology and modern services.

About Zhongshan

Zhongshan is a modern city with harmonious society, booming economy, beautiful environment and the well-being of its people.


Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park

Founded in 2013, SSIP has developing positions to innovation-driven development, technology orientation, high-end industries, cultural and integration, ecological demonstration.


Land-use Planning

There are 4 zones in SSIP: precision manufacturing zone, healthcare zone, finance and education zone and ecological demonstration zone, occupying 7k㎡ area.


SSIP Innovation Center

SSIP offers supporting services and provides incubators such as business registration and financing for some small and medium European and American innovation enterprises.



To meet people’s living demand, SSIP has diverse services facilities.


Industrial base

As an important advanced manufacturing city and a modern service industry base in Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan owns a powerful industrial base.